Channel One

Design, animation
Channel One News/Primedia, USA

As Channel 1 is a progressive, ever current news program shown in high school homerooms across America, there’s great flexibility for a show open design in order to catch students’ morning attention. Here is one example of many. This design came out of experimenting with found 3D robot models that evolved into a global Mecha invasion.

Broadcast Designers Association
Silver Award, 2001

Channel One University

A new proposition for Channel 1 to follow its high school homeroom audience on to college. To be shown on video screens in campus bookstores and student common areas, the visual design was to evolve along with its maturing audience. Thus, the final output became more serious and experimental in look. Almost complete freedom was given by the client to explore, the only constraint being the new brandmark must contain the original “1” logo design.

Segment opens & brand IDs

All work this page created with Geoff Kaplan at General Working Group.