location matters

concept, user experience, art direction, design, animation
nokia, japan

to generate rich experience-based input, a probe kit was created out of a set of tasks with tools to complete them. this was sent out to selected participants across the globe. 


after analyzing returned kits, field research reports, and a two day design workshop held in tokyo, our core team came up with new concepts dealing with location and places for mobile devices. these were developed into eight scenarios which were visualized working with an illustrator. viewable here are three that were cleared to be shown in public.


the final distributable for the project became a 256 page tome enabling a prolonged experience with the depth of our discovery, which also allows for a long-lasting influence on those developing and implementing corporate strategy. 

being a foundational building block for nokia’s location services program, as well as dealing mainly with the urban environment, the book itself alludes concrete. to reflect the process, as well as save on cost, the first part of the book accounting the research investigations is printed in black and white on colored paper, with the resulting vision presented after in full color.