Nokia Product UI Work

Art direction, user interface, design
Nokia, USA & UK


The 7600 was Nokia’s first holistically designed fashion phone. All visual aspects of the user experience were based on a creative framework driven by a theme called “ethno modernism.” In testing out this new approach, we had the opportunity to create digital content that matched the theme of the product design. I designed the UI icons and Java applications, and was responsible for directing the delivery of all digital assets (wallpapers, etc).


The premium 8800 was another opportunity for product-specific Java applet design. In addition to unique versions of standard utilities, exclusive apps were included, such as chess and a stylized take on the classic “Qix” arcade game. I managed art direction and delivery for the suite, working between two external agencies and the software team in Copenhagen, as well as designing the world clock myself.

Collaborators: Post Tool DesignGeneral Working Group

N-Gage QD

Nokia wanted to amplify the N-Gage gaming image, so I strived to customize the look and feel as much as possible within early Series 60 software limitations. This meant new versions of every graphic UI element, from the wake up animation to the keypad lock signifier; 674 bitmaps delivered in total. I devised a workaround for hue shifting preset color palettes; something not before. I also managed the project, working with external agencies and freelance designers across multiple timezones to enable a timely and complete project delivery.

Collaborators: Mike JakabGeneral Working Group, Engage, Satama Interactive


During the time that Nokia was going through a brand consolidation and update, QVGA screens were starting to make their way into products. Thus, an ideal time to upgrade the two standard Java applets that would be pre-installed on a number of ‘classic‘ models (millions of handsets).