Jack of all trades,
Master of none
— is often times better 
 Than master of one.

I make design principles, customer-centricity and business strategy drivers for creation. I enjoy collaborating with those outside my field to gain different points of view. I‘ve done everything from lead creative teams and multidisciplinary workshops, to fine-tune pixels for production — and, essentially everything in between.

My aim is to make life more engaging and easier; experiences that connect, yet don’t waste precious time. Modes of expression change, however design transpires in the mind. From the time I watched a kid play with a point-and-click school project, to creating graphics that move, to observing someone try an app whose language I don’t know yet through empathy whose reaction I understood... it all adds up to real-world acumen to meaningfully deliver what people need and want.


Direction — has varied meaning in design; creative direction, art director, consultant, etc. I interpret this as any situation I‘ve been in a position to manage people in some capacity, from project lead to implementation by developers.
Branding — Working to uniquely convey to the world the essence of the purpose of a company or organization. After realizing brand personality comes identity design, marketing communications, product stories, and more.
Design Thinking — Today, this refers to a more standardized way designers have always worked to create new concepts and ideas, also now inclusive of other disciplines like business leadership, marketing, or technology. Involving the customer through a form of user testing is optimal, if not essential.
Digital Product Design — I see this as a wholistic fusion of user experience and visual interface design (including animation). Both are essential, and with the ability to do them conjointly you produce a superior product.
Print Motion Website Design — These are just decades-old graphic design principles (information hierarchy, typography, contrast, layout, grid systems, color, etc.) applied to different communication mediums; classic or modern.




After Effects

Cinema 4D




Adobe XD


I currently operate as a public limited company or an individual-for-hire, and can work remote, in-house, or... anywhere. I‘m open to all possibilities, so please connect with me via email, LinkedIn, or AngelList to start a discussion on how I might help your business or organization reach its goals.