My Telenor

Telenor Group — Thailand
Digital Product Design ∖ Direction

A pilot project to centralize development of the regional customer care apps within the parent company for improved user experience, as well as cost efficiency. The first goal was to create a minimal viable product that could handle the core functions required for the two lead trial regions: checking credit balance, buying packs of various sorts, topping up your balance, etc. We were a small, but complete, app creation team — from product manager to platform-specific developers.

Existing web brand guidelines were utilized, but modified and expanded for app-specific needs. At the behest of the developers, we dedecided to go with pure native code for both iOS and Android which required further design considerations to fit into the native look-and-feel of each platform.

An advancement I initiated was to use the Airbnb Lottie library for motion graphics, which enabled reducing the file size compared to embedded videos by 80-90%. Emerging market customers are highly sensitive to app size, so this made animation possible within needed constraints; each averaged only 50 KB.

My background in motion graphics makes user interface animation a natural extension of my abilities for digital product design. 

Having experience managing clients in the past, it was my responsibility to systematize feedback with stakeholders across the globe. I chose InVision, uploading designs direct from Sketch.

Working in sprints, the feedback window was tight, but discussions were fruitful. After each round, comments were analyzed with results recorded and shared via Google Sheets for complete transparency.

For a more detail on this and other Telenor projects see the slide deck on Dropbox