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Identities are the visual expression of a brand. They convey the essence of what a company is, in a unique way that should only be theirs. Brand strategy comes first to qualify the fundamentals and the audience, but the identity itself is what is recognized. Whether a global conglomerate, or a sole proprietorship, the process and objective is the same: establish trust, authenticity and reputation.


Logotype for an AI chatbot, including ideas for different modes of expression to be used elsewhere and animated. The bot head is built out of the ellipsis, with two dots being eyes. Koohoo means friend in Thai.


Karada3D is a body scan web app, aiming for both fashion and fitness users. The different renderings of the a’s are an allusion to “every body is different,” and the triangle can also be interpreted as delta, the math symbol for change.

Mura to Cumo

The logo shapes both reflect the letterforms of the name, as well as their meaning (Mura = village, and Cumo = clouds, with a small ”to” in Japanese inbetween).


Tech company that developed a 3D body scanner. The key to computer vision is depth perception, so the SV logo demonstrates this challenge as the brain sees it as both on the outside and inside of the cube. The secondary HMS logo is for “Human Metrics Service,” their parter collaboration platform (and so, two cubes seen as both separate and connected).

Southern Wish

A systems integration and cloud service provider, specializing in the medical and finance fields.

Internet radio and mix archive. Updated logotype using the existing typeface with sword severed serifs. The icon system is based on traditional Japanese seals (From left to right: featured, music, artists, events, dashboard).

Tokyo Insight

The angled edges add perspective to the letter forms alluding to tall buildings and large urban structures. The abstracted ”TI“ abbreviation served to mark the ending of articles.

Spice Table

Restaurant in Fukuoka that features Korean-spice-inspired dishes, and seats all patrons at two long tables.

Play, Japan!

Music free paper from the Red Bull Music Academy. The logotype takes its cues from classic musical notation, which is extended further in the creation of supporting characters that are interjected throughout.

music review

Dynamic logotype for a website. Each site section has a waveform mini-logo, which together define the basis of the randomly loaded constructions. The “easy to read” URL is also used as a secondary logotype.


Fashion label that specializes in one-of-a-kind “remake” lingerie items. As the headline logotype is complex and detailed, the contrasting label design is simple and bold.


Cafe and bar that features a great selection of teas along with drinks based on herb blends.


Miami-based electronic and electro music label founded in in the early 1990’s. The starting point for such known artists as Lusine, Gosub, and Jimmy Edgar.