G4 Network

Comcast — USA
Direction ∖ Branding ∖ Motion Design

In co-creative direction with Arya Senboutaraj, leading a ragtag band of designers, directors and animators, we pitched against ten other top-tier motion studios and won. We created a full network package, as well as complete show bundles for each of the twelve launch programs, to deliver every visual to launch the TV network.

Main branding sequence

A subtle, yet notable, departure from the standard network package was the use of “micro bumpers” — five second interstitial breaks that could be placed anywhere inside commercial blocks.

Micro bumpers
Up next bumpers

Diversity and disorder were encouraged to make each show package as distinct as possible. However, as we were in a very unique position creating every graphic element from scratch, we devised a system to bind all the shows together in a never-done-before network identity icon framework.

Sampling of various show opens
Show iconography system

Along with duties as creative director, there was the task to also design two of the show packages. In addition to the show opens below, a full assortment of bumpers, lower thirds and transitions were also developed and delivered.


A show that plays cinematic intros, cut scenes and game trailers.


Focused on “massively multiplayer games,” the idea was that the show itself is the in-between gateway through which one chooses a world to enter.
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