rbma tokyo

Red Bull — Japan

Though the main design package for the Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo was handled by a full-service agency, there was opportunity to create all the “at event” graphics; a wide range of deliverables from large to small. For some shows, the main branding presence was a 3D interpretation of the Red Bull logo tailored to the specific event. The creative director being open minded, I was able to propose designs starting from no preconceptions. After approval they were specified and sent to a fabricator. All stage logos were 200 centimeters wide.

Subtly stained wood planes match the venue for a minimal classical performance, as well as used elsewhere.
Giant facade made with actual 18 inch speaker grills for a club night of reggae and dub.
First half of this show was punk and Japanese noise music, thus a high contrast, analog, splattered design.
Then, lights out for an all-night ambient dream fest, revealing glow paint used for a surprise effect.
Logo applied and textured on top of a “Shoji,” for a special event mixing traditional instruments with turntablism.
Night of video game inspired music. Layered colored laser cut plastic planks backlit by an LED strip along the “horizon.”
Pixel effect matching the technique of the event’s flyer illustration, separated into two layers.
Quick visualization of the printed graphic layers applied to the front and back of thick cut transparent plexiglass.

As exciting as the bespoke stage logo forms were, of equal importance were basic brand objects. Not meant to overshadow the performer; clarity, simplicity and bold form were in order. In addition to the light boxes, there was a special webcast event in a karaoke tower, where the same taller logo “tab” shape was formed out of a kitsch, yet fitting, etched multicolor-lit plexiglass.

In staying in line with Ryoji Ikeda’s well known minimal aesthetic, the building graphics for his exhibition were kept simple and precise with a clear separation between the artist‘s work and the identifying text blocks. Care was also put into acknowledging the building structure to enhance the design, rather than fight against it.

Additional designs and proposals: Wristbands and badges ∖ Timetables per event (sizes from A4 up to A1) ∖ Pendant design over an open stage for improvised laptop and instrumental orchestrations ∖ Proposals for “Happi” to be worn at a Richie Hawtin popup event at Tsukiji fish market

Photography © Red Bull Content Pool
By Yusaku Aoki, So Hasegawa, Suguru Saito, Yasuharu Sasaki, Dan Wilton