Siam Seaplane

Siam Seaplane — Thailand
Branding ∖ Print Design

The first premium seaplane service for Thailand. An engaging experience to be included at the start with business development. It has been great to work with the company founders to initiate everything starting from a blank slate. The focus so far has been on brand strategy along with investor pitch decks and promotional print materials. But, there‘s much more in the works...

Siam Seaplane logotype
Main lockup logotype
Secondary web address alignment

One facet that can enrich a brand is a typeface that is an ideal match. I was lucky to find one that had fantastically aligned characteristics; from the wave-like-curl of the italic ‘e’ to an alternate stylistic set of letterforms that subtly implied water-drops. All came together to form a unique voice to express a brand that is both elegant and modern.

Stack of A5 brochures
A5 brochure (210 × 148 mm)
Cover design
Seaplane first inside spread
Seaplane second inside spread
Seaplane brochure final inside spread
A0 posters
(841 × 1189 mm)
Siam Seaplane island posterSiam Seaplane plane design posterSiam Seaplane dock posterSiam Seaplane map poster