Telenor Group — Thailand
Direction ∖ Design Thinking ∖ Motion

How can current customer care app experiences be enhanced through the power of data-driven personalization? The approach was to inspire thinking beyond the next release cycle with a longer term vision, and gauge interest in topic areas with video visualizations of interaction journeys. Next, would be to facilitate local user validation then feature creation with regional app teams.

The first step before arriving at an envisioned scenario as above, is to get our multidisciplinary team in the same room for multiple design thinking sessions. Since we were looking at where to improve the current customer care apps, we assessed the subsections that might be most enhanced by personalized data.

After creating a stakeholder map to ground ourselves, we used a typical scenario map; first looking at the way features currently are, then ideating around how things could be if personalization became a key factor.

See zoomable digitalized workshop on

As the design expert, I took the new ideas as digital stickies and weaved them together into possible rough narratives. These I could then turn into “golden path” wireframe journeys for feedback from the team, before creating interface designs and animating them into final video scenarios.

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This was also an opportunity to vet a brand update in the context of app design. New elements were tried, molding them further by actual execution to give the brand team input on how guidelines should evolve.

This also demonstrated to the regional app teams how the brand update could be applied to different app structures, or even local metaphors, yet still maintain brand unity.

Based on dtac app
Based on Myanmar app
At this phase in my tenure at Telenor, I was the champion for design thinking for our team. See Dropbox for a slide deck with more detail on this and other projects done in this way of work.