Jack of all trades,
Master of none
— is often times better 
 Than master of one.

I’ve been working across many mediums in my now twenty years of experience, since graduating with a degree from a top-tier design college. Though, my focus has mainly been digital in most of its forms, with emphasis on mobile.

I make business strategy, user-centricity and design principles the primary driver for creation, and enjoy working with those outside my discipline in cross-functional teamwork. I‘ve done everything from lead creative teams and workshops, to fine-tune final pixels in my designs for engineers to implement — and, essentially everything in between.


Competencies that I have, whether acquired working direct for a client or in-house at a studio. Each particular project page lists where I‘ve contributed in such capacities.
Direction — has varied meaning in design; creative direction, art director, consultant, etc. I interpret this as any situation I‘ve been in a position to manage people in some capacity, from team lead to overseeing implementatin by developers.
Branding — In my experience, it means working directly with company heads to help uniquely explain what they do to the world; sometimes including defining customer experience or even to help find a name. After realizing brand personality comes identity design and marketing communications.
Design Thinking — Today this refers to a more standardized way designers have often always worked, but now inclusive of other disciplines like business leadership, marketing, or technology. Also, involving the customer through some form of user testing is optimal.
Digital Product Design — I see this as a wholistic fusion of user experience and visual interface design (including animation). Both are essential, and with the ability to do both conjointly you produce a superior product.
Print Motion Website Design — These are just decades-old graphic design principles (information hierarchy, typography, contrast, layout, grid systems, color, etc.) applied to different communication mediums; classic or modern.


Software I create with; for prospective in-house design studios. I still enjoy learning and crafting hands-on. Select icons or names for more about my experience with each.



After Effects

Cinema 4D




Adobe XD


I currently operate as a public limited company or an individual-for-hire, and can work remote, in-house, or... anywhere. I‘m open to all possibilities, so please connect with me via email or LinkedIn to start a discussion on how I might help your business grow or your organization become more competitive.